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AV Drop

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AV Drop is the result of more than 15 years of investigation, designing and installing structures for events. Over this period, our modular backdrop system has proven to be a solid, reliable and successful solution in many countries. AV Drop system is an innovative modular and configurable solution that allows you to create stage backdrops and many other structures for events-divider walls, projection screens, photocalls, self-standing screens, masking controls... In the event industry, where scenography setups are still built by means of


Actividad y servicios

AV Drop modular backdrop system can make all kind of structures for events, conventions and shows. We also customize the image for any assembly. Easy to transport, with reduced installation time and infinite possibilities. wood, hammers and nails, AV Drop emerges as an extremely solid and cost effective alternative made of resistant aluminium and fabrics. Designed to be swiftly setup and dismounted easily by combining a very reduced number of pieces and parts.